standing next to sunflowers always makes me feel weak like “look at this fucking flower. this flower is taller than i am. this flower is winning and i’m losing”

Wow you are not ready to hear about trees.

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Be wary of those who apologize for how you feel instead of apologizing for what they did to you

Truth. Don’t trust no bitch.

Lol relevant to my life recently. At least that particular drama is over now.

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"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." C. S. Lewis (via lyssahumana)
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Meet the World’s Smallest Rabbit.

Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits are the world’s smallest and among the rarest. 

Miniature bunnies with iridescent ears. Happiness, embodied as a tiny ball of fluff and cute.

Ohhhh my fucking god I need like five ✨💕🐰

I would like to second that motion.

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I want a bird so bad

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This is an experiment.



This is an experiment.

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this is my favourite vine ever and I will never get tired of it

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"I don’t know whether this world has a meaning that transcends it. But I know that I cannot know that meaning and that it is impossible for me just now to know it. What can a meaning outside my condition mean to me? I can understand only in human terms. What I touch, what resists me — that I understand. And these two certainties — my appetite for the absolute and for unity and the impossibility of reducing this world to a rational and reasonable principle — I also know that I cannot reconcile them. What other truth can I admit without lying, without bringing in a hope I lack and which means nothing within the limits of my conditions?" Albert Camus, An Absurd Reasoning (via thansy)

Favorite philosopher


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